Memorial Benches reached out to the Smith Family of Newton, Utah. The Smith family recently suffered the loss of their son Richard West Smith, who passed away July 14, 2014 at just 15 years of age. Richard’s family sought a way to remember their son through a special memoir. The Smith family directed their attention towards Memorial Benches to create a unique product to remember Richard. The bench’s design process incorporated a photo of Richard along with the outline of the Salt Lake Temple from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on the back of the bench. In the middle of the bench is inscribed the words “In Memory of Richard West Smith 21 Aug 1998- 14 July 2014.”

Reid and his family chose a local community park as the location for the special bench. “This bench is a very special memento for our son. We are grateful for Premier Site Furnishing in helping us design the bench and putting in special memories from Richard’s life into the bench,” said Reid of the Smith family. “We love coming to the park. Richard loved coming to this park and every time we and other friends of ours come to this park they’ll see this bench and remember our son.”


Our Memorial Benches are built to endure. We use our laser-cut technology to minimize the number of welds in your final product. By minimizing the number of welds, we seal up cracks and edges that are susceptible to water, rust and corrosion. This process adds durability and preserves that sleek, shiny look. We want your Memorial Bench to be a memoir that you and your close ones can enjoy for years to come.

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