Spruce Picnic Table


The Spruce Picnic Table is perfect for every environment. It features a non-tipping, non-trip, convenient walk through design, and a powder coated surface for polished longevity. Optional logo on the leg(s).

Environment Recommendation: Cities, parks, residential, campgrounds, schools, apartment complexes, businesses, and forest services.

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*Add on kit for Spruce installation available upon request. This product is not typically mounted.


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You’ll enjoy this durable picnic table for years to come while it keeps its “like new” appearance. The Spruce is available with an anodized top and galvanized legs for an industrial appearance,  giving it increased durability. Options are available for single and double ADA compliance.

Our Spruce Picnic Table features our trademarked non-tip legs and combines functionality with a modern flare. Designed not to tip, the Spruce can handle uneven weight distribution and withstand even the heaviest snow loads. Customize this table by placing your logo in the leg.

Model Dim. Weight Desc. Price
S600 72″x57″x31″ 105 lbs 6′ Anodized Aluminum Top $1262.34
S600P 72″x57″x31″ 105 lbs 6′ Powder Coated Aluminum Top $1243.83
S600ADA 72″x57″x31″ 100 lbs 6′ ADA Anodized Aluminum Top $1276.04
S600PADA 72″x57″x31″ 100 lbs 6′ ADA Powder Coated Aluminum Top $1256.63
S800 96″x57″x31″ 120 lbs 8′ Anodized Aluminum Top $1313.86
S800P 96″x57″x31″ 120 lbs 8′ Powder Coated Aluminum Top $1299.83
S800ADA 96″x57″x31″ 110 lbs 8′ ADA Anodized Aluminum Top $1299.66
S800PADA 96″x57″x31″ 110 lbs 8′ ADA Powder Coated Aluminum Top $1283.83
S800ADA2 96″x57″x31″ 110 lbs 8′ ADA Compliant both ends, Anodized Aluminum Top, Black Legs $1290.95
S800PADA2 96″x57″x31″ 110 lbs 8′ ADA Compliant both ends, Powder Coated Aluminum Top, Black Legs $1274.23