Urban Furniture Minimal Piece Design


Most urban furniture is made from numerous vertical and horizontal metal slats that are welded together. These metal slats use a variety of different welds creating a greater chance of rust and corrosion. At Premier Site Furniture, we specialize in cutting down the number of welds in your finished product. We use our state of the art laser cutting technology to cut and bend your urban furniture into its final shape. By using this process, we are able to cut down the total number of welds to just five or six pieces. This guarantees that your furniture will endure the conditions and last years and years.


No Overlapping Joints


When two pieces of metal overlap, small gaps are then created. Without a full weld, the coating cannot penetrate the open gaps to provide a weather-resistant seal. Water will enter the gaps between the pieces of metal and eat away the material. Rust and corrosion will then start to appear in your urban furniture. At Premier Site Furniture, we eliminate overlapping materials to prevent rust and corrosion from occurring. We use a CNC laser to cut a single sheet of steel and therefore, prevent overlapping material.

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