Engineered to meet and exceed the Engineering and Design Requirements for Meter Protection Assembly set forth by Intermountain Gas Company, and stamped with official approval.

Premier Site Furniture’s, meter covers have been tested to withstand almost anything nature decides to throw at them. From snow and ice impact to preventing winter burial of your gas meter. Our covers keep not only your customers and field technicians safe; but, help you sleep better knowing everyone, and all your meters are protected.

Our meter covers vary from ground mounts to wall mounts; both of which are offered in either our slanted or gabled style and come standard with black powder coating to ensure the longevity of your meter cover. (Other colors are available upon request.)

Available Options


What size meter cover do I need? 

If your meter is a 250 model, you need our small size meter cover. This is the most common option for residential houses and light commercial buildings.

If your meter is a 425, 600, or 630 model, you need our medium size meter cover. This is the most common option for standard commercial buildings.

If your meter is an 800 or 1000 model, you need our large size meter cover. This is the most common option for heavy commercial and industrial buildings.

What style options are there? 

Each cover is made in your choice of a slanted or gabled style.

What mounting options are there?

There are three types of mounting options. If you want your meter cover mounted directly to the wall of your building or home, select a wall mount style, and it will be able to affix directly to the building.

If you have a pre-existing building, an in-ground mounting style may suit your needs better. This option allows the meter cover’s legs to be buried and set in concrete.

If you have a pre-existing building, and the surface below your meter is already concrete or asphalt, a surface mount option may work best for you. This style anchors to that existing concrete or asphalt pad.

What color options are available?

Your new meter cover comes standard in black or white; however we have a multitude of custom options available. Call to see about custom color pricing.

Further Questions?

For any questions or to purchase a meter cover please call: 208.356.3263 or email us at